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AGW Roofing  & Construction Ltd was originally founded in August 1980 and in January 1981 it was officially launched.  The founder Anthony Williams carried out his apprenticeship learning his trade with two companies, having left private education obtaining his Oxford & Cambridge Board exams. Having spent his earlier years making cabinets from the age of eight years old he was destined to spend a life working making things with his hands.

Starting the business in the “Thatcher” years of government, employing one other, the company soon became successful working for local building companies on a sub contract basis along with a rapidly growing private client base. Within three years the company had grown to become a well and respected local business picking up contracts for local architects.

As a small local roofing company the business soon expanded and by the end of 1983 the company had grown to four full time employees. In early 1984 AGW Roofing took over another local company complete, with an ever expanding client base. During 1984 AGW Roofing won their first contract with Cranleigh Public School, St Catherine’s School and it’s first Ministry of Defense contract. We still maintained our private clients and catered for local properties ranging from a simple gutter repair to complete new roof systems.

In 1985 it became clear that there was a great demand for a local roofing company to specialize in the requirements of local properties in and around  the Cranleigh Area. It was at this point a decision and path choice was made, we continued our focus on serving the local community. Our presence grew locally often sponsoring local events.

As you drive through the High Street in Cranleigh, some forty-seven buildings have benefitted from our craftsmanship including the modernization of the “Village Hall”, also the restoration of the Camera Shop formerly Jack Harley’s, working in conjunction with Waverley Listed Buildings Preservations Department.

One of our largest clients has of course been “Cranleigh School” in Horseshoe Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey. We have worked in conjunction with the two “Clerk Of Works” there for period covering 1984 to the current year 2012. That covers a twenty nine year period with more than one million tiles replaced, eight thousand square metre’s of high performance flat roofing and in excess of three thousand metre’s of guttering, five thousand kilo’s of Lead works, along with many other aspects including maintenance.

In the early 1990’s AGW Roofing became AGW Roofing Ltd, however still focusing on the local community as well as expanding and casting a larger net to incorporate a radius out to Horsham, Dorking, Guildford, Woking and venturing into West Sussex.

It was the mid 1990’s when another path choice became available. More and more often clients asked for more than just roofing. We employed craftsmen in other fields relating to the building industry. It was shortly after that local architect’s started placing AGW on the tender list to carry out complete extensions and not just the cut and pitch of the roof structure along with the roof tiling or flat roofing.

In reality the business became a victim of it’s own success and the fun and enjoyment of the personal touch was somewhat disappearing even though the standard of works was first class. It was at this time turning into the millennium that we decided to stop growing and return more to our roots. This meant not taking on so much work and structuring our goals driven by the requirements of the local community.

Many other companies have popped up along the way making claims of combined experience but without qualification. Thankfully we have been here serving our clients for thirty-two years.

AGW Roofing & Construction Ltd still offers a personal service from a simple gutter repair to building you your new dream home. Our aim has not changed, a personal interaction with our clients. It is funny that over the thirty-two years of trading and serving the local community, most of our clients have become more than special to AGW for choosing our company but for the fact they have become true and valued friends.

To all of our existing customers past and present, a special and personal thank you for choosing:


“Professionalism/ Quality/ Craftsmanship/Efficiency/ Cleanliness”
Our pride in our principals, are still the same in our thirty-third year.

Anthony Gervase-Williams

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